Things to consider when buying green tea

Don’t buy a variety which is too cheap or too expensive! Green tea in supermarkets is often a mixture of different varieties, and you don’t know exactly what you are buying. The expensive varieties from the specialty stores may be just a bit too much for the beginner to handle. Usually, only an experienced tea drinker can appreciate the finer teas. To beginners, they just taste “fishy”. As a rule, high-quality green tea has a very intense green color. Brown leaves indicate an inferior product which would justify complaints to the seller. Fresh green tea spreads a pleasant aroma reminiscent of a hay harvest. However, if it rustles with dryness, its quality is inferior! Beware of green tea in tea bags!

Its aroma does not come anywhere near that of a fresh brew from loose leaves, and the mineral and vitamin content is frequently unsatisfactory. However, in some stores, you can find tea bags of high quality if you cannot find any fresh green tea. The argument that tea bags save time does not apply to green tea. First, it doesn’t take a lot of time to put a couple of spoonfuls of leaves into a pot or cup; and second, taking your time is a very important part of the tea break. The final reason is that the use of tea bags is out of favor for environmental reasons. Producing them in the factory requires a lot of material and energy, and the disposal of the bags with their paper tags places a larger burden on the environment than leaving a few tea leaves to decompose.

Don’t buy any loose green tea that has been sitting unwrapped in a can! Unless the packaging is impervious to air, the tea oxidizes, and many of its active substances are lost forever. That’s why we advise you to buy green tea wrapped in airtight packaging! Store green tea tightly closed in a dry place. It is best to use wooden jars, a special kind of tin or china, or bags which keep out the light. To brew the tea, take the leaves from the jar with a dry tea-spoon. Don’t leave the spoon in the jar because this can cause chemical reactions and changes in taste. Store only one variety of tea in the jar. Do not use soapy water to wash the jar because tea assumes other aromas very quickly! You can clean the jar by wiping it with a dry cloth. Ideally, green tea should be stored in a cool and dark place with no sources of steam or heat nearby. Keep tea as far away as possible from radiators and heat vents.

A sunny window sill would be equally unsuitable for storage. Never place green tea in the refrigerator because a refrigerator stores many different kinds of food. The aromas can sometimes find their way through closed tea bags or jars. The humidity in a refrigerator is also a problem; sometimes it will find its way into the tea leaves. In addition, you have to remove the jar from the refrigerator when you want to prepare your tea. The large fluctuations in temperature can damage the aroma of the tea. Green tea is aslo a good drink for the health especially there are varieties of it to choose from and its aroma simply great.

The site all about green tea and its considerations and also the usage of it for our health especially.

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